My sister was a teeny tiny baby when she was born and I always loved to listen to my Dad tell my sister how she fit into his hand. He used to show us with his hands 'this is how big you were'. Then he would move on to me and tell me what a long baby I was and again he would show us with his hands 'this is how big you were'. We have pictures of us as babies but none to show us how tiny we were or of my Dad holding us. I think he was likely the one behind the camera taking all the pictures.

Yes, I know - photo shoots are not every Dad's idea of a fun activity but as a newborn photographer, I also don't want you to miss out. So Dad's, get ready, because I will try and convince you to be in the picture!

You don't have to be nervous though, it is my job as a photographer to make you look comfortable (and handsome!). If you feel comfortable you can strip off for some skin-to-skin time or keep your shirt on. I love capturing quiet relaxed moments with you and your baby and I love to illustrate how tiny your newborn is - how your baby fits in your hands - probably because of my Dad and the stories he told us!

So if you are considering booking newborn pictures, make sure you are in the picture!

  • Creative newborn baby photography with Dad
  • Natural simple newborn photography by Sacha de Klerk Photography in Toronto

Sacha de Klerk Photography | Toronto Newborn Photographer

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