Now I recognize that not all parents want to spend three to four hours having their baby photographed, whether that be in your own home or in a studio. And sometimes you want it to be just about the baby.

So many parents say to me that they only want a few photographs, they don't need a gallery of thirty images.

After moving to Toronto I decided I was going to offer Newborn mini sessions for families who want something simpler and fewer pictures. Mini sessions are an hour long, mainly two poses but we can try and get another one if if your baby is settled enough and focusing on wrapped and swaddled poses.

I love my full sessions and it is a great opportunity to chat to parents and so much fun but I think I quite like the mini sessions too! We don't get to chat as much because we have less time but I have enjoyed exploring simpler setups! I do mini sessions at my home to help you keep the cost down and I provide a gallery of ten images to choose from.

It is so quick and simple - I am sure you will love it!

Newborn mini session

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