Newborn babies are such unique little beings. Soft skin, downy hair, little curled up bodies, feathery lashes - all those little details change so quickly! I didn't have any professional pictures done with my first and I always regret that I don't have pictures of those special memories. I look at the pictures of my son as a newborn often and I marvel at the millea on his skin, his squishy little mouth, the barely there eyebrows and his tiny nails!

Newborn pictures and custom portraiture is not cheap though, it is an investment and should be treated as such. How can you make sure that you get the kind of portraits that will grace your walls and that suit your style? 

When choosing a newborn photographer you should let them know what your preferences are. Look around your home, look at your style, the kinds of pictures you already have up on the wall. This will help you give guidance to your photographer.

Here are a few things you might want to think about.

Do you prefer warm or cool tones?

Are you looking for a pop of color, an accent for the room? What color do you want?

Do you prefer black and white images over color? This guidance can help your photographer decide what they should focus their time on.

Do you prefer arty images in black and white with interesting shadows? I don't always do these in every session but I love it when parents request them - they are oh so elegant!

What about the details?

Do you love all those beautiful delicate headbands, soft knitted hats and props and wraps and textures or is your style more simple?

At the end of the day, as a photographer I want you to be delighted with your pictures but I also want your pictures to grace your walls as art. I don't offer print packages but I love to see when my clients have printed off their newborn art and hung them up on their walls. I want you to look at them every day and be reminded of the fleeting time when your baby was so tiny and sleepy.

Trust me, when they are toddlers it is amazing to have reminders of when they were little and things were quiet! :-D

Depending on the tones in your home you may want to consider what tones will suit best. Look around your home, do you have warmer colours like browns, creams, red tones or more greys, blues, whites, purple tones?

Sometimes color just wont do though! Do you prefer to keep it very simple with clean black and white images instead?

Do you want a pop of colour for the nursery or are you after more neutral tones that blend in with the colours you already have?

What about the details? Think about whether you like hats or headbands or no hats or headbands at all. I usually pick a selection that will go with the colors I am using to style your session and you can then help choose which you like best. I also try and take a few pictures with no hats or headbands to give you the option to decide afterwards what you like the best.

Now, I love a baby in a little crate, bed, bowl or basket. I love how small they look and how it gives you an idea of scale. But, this is your session so let me know if there are any poses that you prefer. I have a big selection or props so you can help choose what you like best.

After being all cosy in the womb for months, most babies love the security of being all wrapped up. Wrapping them up for some of their pictures also evokes imagery of how curled up their were in the womb and reflects the shape of a pregnant belly - two of the MANY reasons why I love swaddling babies for their pictures!

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