As a newborn photographer I do my best to convince parents to have some pictures with their little ones. Not all parents want to of course - perhaps you are not feeling your best after just having had a baby or maybe Dad is a bit camera shy. 

I always say to parents, don't worry about what you look like because ten years from now, twenty years from now you will look at those pictures and think you look amazing. And when your baby is all grown up they will LOVE to see those pictures of them all tiny in your arms and the expressions on your faces when you are looking at them in awe and with adoration.

One of my favorite parts of doing parent pictures is to show how tiny your newborn baby is in your arms!

So lets talk about your parent picture style! Do you like your pictures to be bright and airy, shadowy and moody black and whites or do you like images that are natural and artistically back lit? There are lots of ways we can include parents in pictures but below are a few ideas for you on the most commonly requested styles I receive from parents.

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