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Moving countries is always tough but moving countries AND building yourself up as a photographer in a new community is super tough! I was so lucky in England to have had an amazing word-of-mouth referral network and hardly ever had to advertise but moving to Toronto... and at the risk of sounding like 'Billy-no-mates' here... I had no friends to refer me!

So what is a newborn photographer to do!

Well, post an advert for a newborn model to come in to my home for a photosession of course! I miss all the baby cuddles when I don't have a baby to photograph so having baby girl Hannah in was just amazing.

Most of the time I go to your homes to photograph your babies but since moving to Toronto I have been setting up some space in my home for sessions and I just love the consistency of the light and the ease of not having to carry all my equipment around. Not that I mind of course doing these things of course. I know that for many families the last thing they want to do after having a baby is trek halfway across the city to have their baby photographed which is why I will always continue to offer to come to you.

Newborn mini session

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